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Closed-loop control of complex shear flows

Flow separation accounts for important problems in various fields. Technical devices characterised by a detached flow are for instance diffusers, airfoils, or air-conditioning plants. Effects of flow separation are commonly not desired. The lift of airfoils breaks down when the flow detaches. The pressure recovery in diffusers is reduced, or noise and vibrations are produced in air-conditioning plants by flow separation.

When shaping of the geometry has reached an optimum or when passive means, such as vortex generators, have positive or negative effects, active devices in open- or closed-loop control can further improve the performance by suction and blowing, acoustic actuation or magneto-hydrodynamic forces. Our research focusses on the closed-loop control of separated flows by active means to profit from the well-known advantages, such as disturbance rejection and set-point tracking. Keeping the requirement of a real-time capability in mind, thus excluding feedback control based on a numerical solution of the Navier Stokes equations. Low-dimensional models based on the Navier Stokes equations are a promising approach, see (M. Pastoor). A feasible approach is the synthesis of controllers based on identified black-box models:

  • Robust controlers based on a family of linear black-box models for SISO-plants (R. Becker) or MIMO-plants ( L. Henning)
  • Adaptive controllers (M. Garwon)
  • Model predictive control (G. Gelbert, M. Muminovic, K. Aleksic)
  • Nonlinear Controllers (K. Aleksic, M. Seibold).

The main focus is the development of on-line flow control concepts for wind tunnel experiments. This includes the development of sensor concepts with hight temporal and spatial resolution, such as model based sensors. The following benchmark flow configurations are used for the application of the controls:

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