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Flow control using low-order vortex models

Low-dimensionsal coherent-structure models of shear flows play an increasing role in industrial and academic research - in addition to experiment and simulation. Low-dimensional models provide deeper understanding of key flow processes and enable the examination and design of actuators and sensors as well as the application or improvement of control theory methods.

Vortex filaments of a 3D vortex simulation of a circular jet. The color of the filaments represents the local vortex core size, where red (blue) indicates a thick (thin) vortex core.
Lupe [1]

In our team [2], which is part of the collaborative research center "Control of complex turbulent shear flows" (Sfb 557 [3]), we investigate low-dimensional models based on Galerkin- and vortex methods. Our previous work includes investigations of the flow over a backward facing step, the cylinder wake and free mixing layers. Our current research activities target model-based flow control of complex configurations, as ground vehicles and high-lift wings.[M. Pastoor] [4]

Another direction of research is the modelling of flow control with compliant walls. As part of DFG SPP1207 [5], low-dimensional Galerkin- and Wavemodels are investigated (N. Losse [6]).

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