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Publications 2009

  • VIOLET, N.; FISCHER, E.; HEINE, T.; KING, R.: Automatisierte
    Generierung von "Multi-Modellen" zur Prozessplanung und -führung.
    DECHEMA-Jahrestagung der Biotechnologen, Mannheim, Germany, 8-10
    September 2009.
  • LACARELLE, A.; FAUSTMANN, T.; GREENBLATT, D.; PASCHEREIT, C. O.; LEHMANN, O.; LUCHTENBURG, D. M. & NOACK, B. R. ( 2009) : Spatiotemporal characterization of a conicalswirler flow field under strong forcing. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines & Power -- Transactions of the ASME 131 (3) Article number 031504, p. 1
  • SCHLEGEL, M.; NOACK, B. R.; COMPTE, P. D.; KOLOMENSKIY, D.; SCHNEIDER, K.; FARGE, M.; SCOUTEN, J.; LUCHTENBURG, D. M. & Tadmor, G. (2009) : Reduced-order modelling of turbulent jets for noise control. In Brun, C., Juve, D., Manhart, M., Munz, C.-D. (editors), Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flows and Noise Generation, Series 'Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design (NNFM)' 104, Springer-Verlag., p. 3--27
  • LACARELLE, A.; MOECK, J. P.; PASCHEREIT, C. O.; GELBERT, G.; KING, R.: Model Based Control of Emissions and Pulsations in a Premixed Combustor Using Fuel Staging, ASME paper GT2009-59300
  • HALLER, D.; HEMPEL, J.; PÄTZOLD, A.; LOSSE, N.; PELTZER, I.; NITSCHE, W.; KING, R.; WOIAS, P.: A piezo-actuated closed loop MEMS system for active delay of transition. Digest Tech. Papers Transducers’09 Conference, 1533-1536, 2009
  • HALLER, D.; PÄTZOLD, A.; LOSSE, N.; PELTZER, I.; NITSCHE, W.; KING, R.;WOIAS, P.: A Piezo-Polymer based movable wall for active cancellation of flow instabilities across airfoils. Digest Tech. ICAST’09 Conference, 2009
  • GORALCZYK, V.; DRIEMEL, G.; KROH, L.; KING, R.: Zellzahlbestimmung in dreidimensionalen, porösen Gerüststrukturen. Chemie Ingenieur Technik - CIT Special Issue ProcessNet-Jahrestagung und 27. Jahrestagung der Biotechnologen 81(8), 1271, 2009
  • LUCHTENBURG, D. M.; GÜNTHER, B.; NOACK, B.R.; KING, R. and TADMOR, G.: A generalized mean-field model of the natural and high-frequency actuated flow around a high-lift configuration.
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2009), 623:283-316 Cambridge University Press  © Cambridge University Press 2009 doi:10.1017/S0022112008004965
  • WIEDERHOLD, O.; NEUHAUS, L.; KING, R.; NEISE, W.; ENGHARDT, L.; NOACK, B.R.; SWOBODA, M.: Extensions of extremum-seeking control to improve the aerodynamic performance of axial turbomachines, Proceedings of the 39th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, AIAA 2009 - 4175, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A., 2009
  • NEUHAUS, L.; WIEDERHOLD, O.; KING, R.; NEISE, W.; ENGHARDT, L.; NOACK, B.R.; SWOBODA, M.: Active Flow Control to Improve the Aerodynamic Performance of Axial Turbomachines, ASME Paper Turbo expo. GT 2009-60008, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A., 2009

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