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Publications 1992

  • R. King, Plant and Sensor Failure Detection by Multiple Nonlinear Filters,

    in M.N. Karim, G. Stephanopoulos (Eds.):"Modeling and Control of

    Biotechnical Processes 1992", IFAC-Symposium Series, 10, S. 129 - 134

  • R. King, Plant and Sensor Failure Detection, ICCAFT 5/IFAC BIO 2,

    29.3.-2.4.1992, Colorado, USA

  • J. Pohlmeier and J. Broll, Robust Control for Distillation Column using Positive-Real-System Controllers with Observers,

    Proc. of 2nd Beijing International Conference on System Simulation and

    Scientific Computing, Vol.2, pp. 779-783, Beijing, October 1992

  • U. Reichl; R. King; E. D. Gilles, Characterization of Pellet

    Morphology during Submerged Growth of Streptomyces tendae by Image

    Analysis, Biotechnology and

    Bioengineering, 39, 164-170.

  • U. Reichl; R. King; E. D. Gilles, Mycelial Growth of Streptomyces

    tendae in Submerged Culture: Dependence on Temperature and Media

    Journal of Basic Microbiology

  • D. Hege-Treskatis; R. King; H. Wolf; E. D. Gilles (1992), Nutrional

    Control of Nikkomycin and Juglomycin

    Production by Streptomyces tendae in Continuous Culture,

    Applied Microbiology and Biotechnolgy, 36, 440-445.

  • H. Yang; R. King; U. Reichl; E.D. Gilles,

    Mathematical Model for

    Apical Growth, Septation and Branching of Mycelial Microorganisms,

    Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 39, 49-58.

  • H. Yang; U. Reichl; R. King; E.D. Gilles ,Measurement and

    Simulation of the Morphological Development of Filamentous Microorganisms,

    Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 39, 44-48.

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