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Nowadays, more than 65,000 gas turbines are used in a wide range of applications from power plants to aircrafts. Especially for stationary gas turbines, the fuel efficiency is the main goal of development to reduce the cost of operation and the greenhouse gas emission.

Conventional ways to increase the efficiency, such as an increased turbine inlet temperature, are reaching their limits and only small improvements are expected for the future.

A major efficiency increase can be achieved by an improvement of the combustion process itself. This can be done by changing the traditional isobaric combustion to an isochoric one, providing a significant better thermodynamical efficiency. However, it also leads to major challenges for the overall gas turbine.

The goal of the CRC 1029 “Substantial efficiency increase in gas turbines through direct use of coupled unsteady combustion and flow dynamics”, founded by the DFG, is the development of a gas turbine with an isochoric combustion.

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