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General overview

The Measurement and Control group of the Institute of Process Engineering is part of the Faculty III: School of Process Sciences and Engineering of the Berlin University of Technology (TUB).

Our missions are ...

  • ... development and experimental validation of methods for supervision, control, and rapid synthesis of biotechnological processes for a further optimization of these systems.
  • ...automatic modelling of chemical and biochemical reaction systems as a mean to promote model-based approaches of control engineering.
  • ... robust, adaptive, or nonlinear control of complex turbulent shear flows to reduce noise and drag, increase lift, or control mixing.
  • ... low-dimensional modelling of shear flows as a basis for a synthesis of nonlinear controllers

Hardware facilities


  • 2 fermenters type B. Braun Biostat C-15 with data aquisition, model-based closed-loop control and internet based visualization alerting and remote control
  • microbiological analysis (safety work bench, incubators, laboratory microscope etc.)
  • chemical analysis (HPLC, analysis of exhaust gases, FIA etc.


  • 2L fermenter (Sartorius Biostat B plus) with digital control unit
  • laminar flow bench, CO2-incubator, cooling tabletop centrifuge, liqid nitrogen tank

Fluid mechanics lab

  • 1 wind tunnel with measuring technique (facility of ISTA)
  • several digital signal processors: dSpace 1103/1005 controller boards with Simulink real-time interface (RTI)

Student's lab

  • various mechanical and chemical experiments including PC-supported data acquisition and control

Computing technology

  • PCs of all performance classes 
  • several SUN workstations
  • various peripheral devices

Electronic and fine-mechanical workshop

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